Corporate Culture/Team Values Workshop

Corporate culture or team values are only useful when they are shared by all employees or team members. Most of the times, those values are determined once, placed on a sheet of paper or a website, and that’s that. Corporate culture is even harder to define. However, especially when training new hires, it’s important not to just communicate your values. Or to just tell what your corporate culture is.

In this workshop, we will use storytelling as a mean to bring your corporate culture or team values alive. By giving them a history, a backbone, a story.  Because stories help to determine the boundaries, to set examples.
Are there any stories about when your values were challenged? Has someone ever crossed the line? What was the penalty or reward for that?

Those stories will demonstrate your values or corporate culture. And within those stories, we find shared values among your employees or team members. They help to get your team heading in the same direction, and enable your team members or employees to carry out your values or corporate culture to others.

If your interested in an in-company Corporate Culture/Team Value Workshop, please contact me.